Little Miss Creative - 1980's


Little Miss Creative - present day

About Little Miss Creative

I guess a little background would be nice, eh? Alright, so where to begin? Ah! Birth. That’s the obvious starting point, right? Okay, so it was a cold November night in 198...kidding! Let’s fast forward a few years...

So I grew up in Belleville, Ontario and decided to stay in my hometown to take Radio Broadcasting at Loyalist College. I went into college thinking I wanted to be an announcer. That changed quickly. After taking a few copywriting classes, I discovered writing is what I wanted to do. It quickly turned into my passion. 

After graduating in 2001, I spent the next 9 years working with some awesome people in this incredible industry! Here’s where I hung out...

Creative Assistant at CHUM Kawarthas (now BellMedia) in Peterborough, ON.

Creative Writer at CHUM Radio London (now Rogers) in London, ON

Creative Director at CD98.9 (now myFM) in Simcoe, ON.

Little Miss Creative was born!

It was while on maternity leave with my second child that I decided to start Little Miss Creative. I wanted to continue doing what I loved...and be there for my children as well. Starting my own business just made sense!

Now, I get to do what I love for stations across the country and I couldn’t be happier! I would love the opportunity to work with you and your station, so check out my contact page and give me a shout!

Hope to be working with you soon!

-Little Miss Creative