Q - What is your turn-around time? 

A - Ideally, 24-hours.

Q - Is there a minimum number of scripts per month?

A - Not at all! One script, two scripts, a Little Miss package - whatever you need! 

Q - Are revisions/updates included in the price?

A - You bet! 

Q - Will you write for stations on a permanent basis?

A - Absolutely! I'm currently the primary writer for multiple stations. 

Q - Will you fill in for a writer while they're on vacation?

A - Of course! 

Q - How do I send you creative information?

A- Email is best. If your station currently uses a creative info sheet, fill that out and send it off. If not, simply include the creative info in the body of the email. 

Q - Is Little Miss Creative a registered business?

A - Yes it is!